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Our outings are open to everyone!  Once a quarter we visit an area and do extended hikes throughout the area.  Usually these are one of our local parks.  The hikes might be from a few miles to ten miles.   We’ll set up the hikes to accommodate personal needs and abilities.   For those outings with longer hikes, we’ll try to set up “outs” so people can shorten up the hike to meet their capabilities.

Our outings have several purposes.

1) We us them to familiarize the team with areas we might be called upon to search some day.  We collect any available trail maps, take pictures of special points of interest, identify high hazard areas, scout out available areas for base camps, etc.. basically a preplan of the area.

2) All field deployable members are required to pass a physical capability test at least once a year.  These hikes are their opportunity to meet this requirement.

3) Seasonal pack checks.  Search team members are required to have field packs ready at all times.  The pack contents should change with the seasons.  We use this to check team members packs for certain critical items.

4) Socialization!   Both for the team members to have some fun outside of training and to hopefully meet people that might have an interest in what we do.

So contact us..  let us know you’re coming!

Volunteers wanted!

We are always looking for new volunteers!

Opportunities for everyone to volunteer.  From serving as a lost subject once or twice a year to full team member.


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